Systemic Research review

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1. Choose an Systemic research review (SRR) that pertain” rel=”nofollow”>ins to your practice settin” rel=”nofollow”>ing(Orthopedic practice settin” rel=”nofollow”>ing)

. Describe the relevance of the nursin” rel=”nofollow”>ing research problem addressed in” rel=”nofollow”>in a SRR to practice. (CO 3, 6)
2. Critique the levels of evidence of the studies used in” rel=”nofollow”>in the SRR, specifically the designs of the studies in” rel=”nofollow”>included. (CO 6)
3. Critique the clarity with which the studies are presented and critiqued. (CO 6)
4. Describe the overall fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings of the studies, as summarized in” rel=”nofollow”>in the SRR. (CO 3, 6)
5. Critique the conclusions of the SRR, with implications for your current practice and future research. (CO 3, 6)
6. Utilize the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews to locate a true SRR for this assignment.

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