The use of HPV vaccine in prevention of cervical cancer

The use of HPV vaccin” rel=”nofollow”>ine in” rel=”nofollow”>in prevention of cervical cancer

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Assignment 3: Research Paper
For this week, you will be completin” rel=”nofollow”>ing a research appraisal about a women’s health topic in” rel=”nofollow”>in which you may be in” rel=”nofollow”>interested. The purpose is to complete only a synthesis of
the topic. To start, only look at studies that are specific to your women’s health topic. Your appraisal will assist in” rel=”nofollow”>in fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the most current evidence. Remember,
this is only for the purpose of synthesis. Simplicity is key to a successful evaluation. Below is a way to assist you in” rel=”nofollow”>in compilin” rel=”nofollow”>ing your significant articles. Your
table should only contain” rel=”nofollow”>in 5 articles. Fin” rel=”nofollow”>inalize your fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings in” rel=”nofollow”>in 1–2 pages and submit with your evaluation table.
Submission Details:
• By the end of the week enter your table and summary
• Name your document SU_NSG6330_W8_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc
• Submit your document to the W8 Assignment 3 Dropbox by Tuesday, , 2017
In the headin” rel=”nofollow”>ings for the columns, in” rel=”nofollow”>include the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing:
1. Citation: Author, year, title
2. Conceptual Framework: Theoretical basis for study
3. Design/Method: Indicate design and describe what was done in” rel=”nofollow”>in the study
4. Sample/settin” rel=”nofollow”>ing: Number, characteristics, attrition rate, and why
5. Major variables studied and their defin” rel=”nofollow”>initions: Independent/dependent variable
6. Measurement: What scales were used to measure the outcome variables (e.g., name of scale, author, reliability in” rel=”nofollow”>info)
7. Data analysis: What stats were used to answer the clin” rel=”nofollow”>inical question
8. Fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings: Statistical fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings or qualitative fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings (one for every statistical test mentioned in” rel=”nofollow”>in data anlysis)
9. Appraisal/Worth to Practice: Strengths and limitations of the study, risk or harm if study in” rel=”nofollow”>intervention or fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings implemented, and feasibility

Assignment 3 Gradin” rel=”nofollow”>ing Criteria Maximum Poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints
Clearly discussed the women’s health issue. 25
Accurately summarized research in” rel=”nofollow”>in evaluation table. 25
Ensured that paper concisely describes fin” rel=”nofollow”>indin” rel=”nofollow”>ings. 25
Ensured that the paper is well organized and well written and demonstrates significant development in” rel=”nofollow”>in your ability to thin” rel=”nofollow”>ink and write from in” rel=”nofollow”>initial submission. Properly
followed APA format. 25
Total: 100

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