Business and corporate law

After receiving a notice of an annual general meeting of his company, Kelvin asks you to explain to him the difference between a general meeting and a board meeting, and what role these two types of meeting have in relation to the corporate governance of his company. Kelvin is also puzzled by the term ‘quorum ‘and what it must be for a general meeting and a board meeting. Kelvin considers himself to be a ‘born leader’ and wants to know about how a person can become the chair of a general meeting or board meeting, and what their role actually is in relation to those meetings. Kelvin cannot grasp the difference between voting on a show of hands and voting on a poll. Lastly, Kelvin cannot grasp the concept of a ‘proxy’, how that person can be appointed and their voting rights at a general meeting. Advise Kelvin.

Short answer question
Compile a list of legal rights enjoyed by shareholders.

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