Evaluation Plan Design and Discussion

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create a plan to evaluate the degree to which those outcomes were achieved after your intervention plan
Part 1: Evaluation of Plan
Define the outcomes that are the goal of an intervention plan.
Create an evaluation plan to determine the impact of an intervention for a health promotion, quality improvement, prevention, education, or management need.
Part 2: Discussion
Analyze the nurse’s role in leading change and driving improvements in the quality and experience of care.
Explain how the intervention plan affects nursing, and interprofessional collaboration, and how the health care field gains from the plan.
Future Steps ?
Explain how the current project could be improved upon to create a bigger impact in the target population as well as to take advantage of emerging technology and care models to improve outcomes
and safety.
Reflection on Leading Change and Improvement
Reflect on how the project has impacted your ability to lead change in personal practice and future leadership positions.
Reflect on the ways in which the completed intervention, implementation, and evaluation plans can be transferred into your personal practice to drive quality improvement in other contexts.
Address Generally Throughout
Integrate resources from diverse sources that illustrate support for all aspects of an evaluation plan for an intervention, as well as for professional discussion about the plan.
Communicate evaluation plan and discussion of the project in a professional way that helps the audience to understand how the outcomes will be evaluated, as well as what was learned through the
project process.

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