Governance and Sports Law

prepare a report on the legal and governance structures involved in managing a sporting club
You have become the president of a new start up field hockey club for the new (fictional)
residential area of Oxford on the outskirts of Melbourne.
Background to the new club:
It comprises male and female teams in grades A, B, C and D in the regional hockey
It includes under-age teams (under 18, under 16 and under 14).
It will use existing hockey facilities provided and maintained by the council for a small
annual fee.
Its resources include three hockey fields, a club house with change rooms, a small
gymnasium, a café, and bar facilities.
Provide a visual representation of the governance structure showing the roles which you think
are necessary to the successful running of the club. Include possible sporting bodies or
associations that the club may need to be accountable to. It is up to you how you choose to
present this governance structure.
2. List the governance and accountability policies, guidelines and practices you would put in place
and explain why they are needed.
Based on the scenario and your knowledge of sports law and governance, list another 10 critical
governance issues you will need to consider, describe the legal and governance obligations of
these issues, and explain the processes or procedures for ensuring the club meets its legal

Demonstrate how the club will understand and monitor its operations, risks and finances by outlining
10 risk management considerations. You may find it helpful to research similar club sites if you are
unfamiliar with field hockey

Design a code of conduct for the club that encompasses legal considerations, player welfare, and the
club’s reputation. You will need to write 8 to 12 statements for club members and staff outlining
conduct towards fellow club members, opposition clubs, the association and the public.

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