Cold War, Great Depression, Black Feedom Movement

Choose two of the following questions for the take home part of the final exam. Each essay is worth up to 10 points each for a total of 20 points toward the final exam grade.
Each essay should be double-spaced Times Roman text 12 point and 1-2 pages in length.( YOU ONLY NEED TO ANSWER TWO OF THE QUESTIONS)
1. Briefly discuss the origins of the Cold War and how the Truman administration was advised to deal with the Soviet Union. What policy did the U.S. adopt during the Truman administration and
how did Secretary of State, George Marshall influence this policy? Finally, what events heightened Cold War tensions in the early 1960s and how were these tensions addressed a decade later in the
early 1970s?

2. Discuss the causes that led to the Great Depression. What was Hoover’s initial response and how did that change? How did FDR expand on Hoover’s attempt at recovery and were these programs
successful? Finally, what ideas were put forth by critics of the New Deal programs and were they valid?

3. Discuss the seminal issue of the black freedom movement of the mid-1950s and relate it to two key events that empowered the black community to advance its cause. As a result of these
events, how did the freedom movement embody leadership and consensus? Finally, examine the movement a decade later in the mid-1960s and discuss the changes i.e. issues and leadership.

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