International Journal of Medical Informatics, 83, 393-405.

Ingebrigtsen, Georgiou, Clay-Willams et al. (2013) ‘The impact of clinical leadership on health information technology adoption: systematic review.’ International Journal of Medical Informatics, 83, 393-405.

Order Description
That is the description of the assignment:
1. Critique one of the provided reviews.
2. Find further sources of evidence to expand your understanding of the above topic as it relates your area of practice. You are advised to find three pieces of evidence from at least two of the following categories:
a. Professional peer reviewed journals
b. Practice documents such as policy guidelines
c. Wider context such as newspaper, TV or other media sources.
3. How can you use the understanding you have gained from stage 1 and 2 above to develop an understanding of the topic for you practice.
already appraise the article and wrote an introduction (not well structured or ready yet)

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