1. Think of and share a circumstance where the one is smarter than the many. Here are two thinking points to help you think further as you post your findings Smartness can be interpreted in many
different ways (resourcefulness, initiative, courage, intelligence, etc. etc.) …now that opens many avenues – does it not? 2. Why not look at your own experience where you have made a smart
choice? Narrow the scope of your search and you have so many examples.

2. Discuss/Share a A power or A danger of online crowds. > Conversation Starter Here’s a video to watch before you start posting: (Links to an external

3. Have you experienced an Internet Troll behavior or witnessed Flaming? How have you dealt with it? Share your experience. > Conversation Starter A video to get the conversation started: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Do you agree with the recommendations given by Howard Bragman in the video above? Also, note that
Flaming is different than Trolling

4. In what ways would your life be different if you did not have access to new technologies? Lets Speculate. > Conversation Starter A good starting question would be to ponder on what ways do NEW
(not existing older ones) technologies shape your everyday life? Look at new technologies that are very recent that you have not yet adapted but are considering seriously (e.g. a new OS, total
online storage, SaaS, Digital Wallets etc. )
5. Is the Global Brain just a metaphor? Or is evolution about to wake up? Thoughts, rants, critiques, enlightenment

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