Ultrasound, role in Aeromedical Retrieval in Australia

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Aeromedical Retrieval Equipment
There are many aspects to consider when selecting medical equipment for aeromedical retrieval. The use of contemporary clinical monitors and biomedical devices which are small, lightweight and
reliable allow critical care interventions prior to and during aerial transport. As medical science progresses there are more products and devices available to assist with diagnosing, monitoring
and management of patients in the retrieval situation.
Discuss the role and relevance of Ultrasound to aeromedical retrieval medicine in Australia. Please note I am studying a post graduate nursing certificate in Aeromedical retrieval in Australia.
This report needs to be relevant to Australian nursing.
Explore the role for ultrasound in aeromedical retrieval.
Include in your discussion

the technical principles of ultrasound

use in primary ad secondary transfers

ease of use and handling and transport

susceptibility to vibration


the technical principles of foetal doppler ultrasound

the role of foetal doppler imaging in the aeromedical retrieval environment.

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