Ultrasound, role in Aeromedical Retrieval in Australia

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Aeromedical Retrieval Equipment
There are many aspects to consider when selectin” rel=”nofollow”>ing medical equipment for aeromedical retrieval. The use of contemporary clin” rel=”nofollow”>inical monitors and biomedical devices which are small, lightweight and
reliable allow critical care in” rel=”nofollow”>interventions prior to and durin” rel=”nofollow”>ing aerial transport. As medical science progresses there are more products and devices available to assist with diagnosin” rel=”nofollow”>ing, monitorin” rel=”nofollow”>ing
and management of patients in” rel=”nofollow”>in the retrieval situation.
Discuss the role and relevance of Ultrasound to aeromedical retrieval medicin” rel=”nofollow”>ine in” rel=”nofollow”>in Australia. Please note I am studyin” rel=”nofollow”>ing a post graduate nursin” rel=”nofollow”>ing certificate in” rel=”nofollow”>in Aeromedical retrieval in” rel=”nofollow”>in Australia.
This report needs to be relevant to Australian nursin” rel=”nofollow”>ing.
Explore the role for ultrasound in” rel=”nofollow”>in aeromedical retrieval.
Include in” rel=”nofollow”>in your discussion

the technical prin” rel=”nofollow”>inciples of ultrasound

use in” rel=”nofollow”>in primary ad secondary transfers

ease of use and handlin” rel=”nofollow”>ing and transport

susceptibility to vibration


the technical prin” rel=”nofollow”>inciples of foetal doppler ultrasound

the role of foetal doppler imagin” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>in the aeromedical retrieval environment.

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