Aboriginal Embassy protest of 1972

choose ONE QUESTION from the list below and
write a paper that must be a min” rel=”nofollow”>inimum of 1,500 words w
Choose ONE of the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing:-
1. What wasthe Aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal Embassy protest of 1972, and what was its historical
2. What wasthe Black Power Movement in” rel=”nofollow”>in Australia, and what was its
in” rel=”nofollow”>inspirations and historical significance?
3. Research and write a biography of a famous Aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal person who is NOT a sports
star or athlete.
4. Write a review of a major film, art exhibition or theatre production that features
Aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal people and/orthe Aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal experience.
5. What is the Northern Territory ‘Intervention’ and is it a good or a bad thin” rel=”nofollow”>ing?
6. Do you thin” rel=”nofollow”>ink Aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal Studies should be taught in” rel=”nofollow”>in primary and high school, and if
so what form should such a subject take?
7. What wasthe Royal Commission in” rel=”nofollow”>into Aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal Deathsin” rel=”nofollow”>in Custody, and what did it
8. What is meant by the sayin” rel=”nofollow”>ing ‘Native Title is NOT Land Rights’?
9. Research and write an essay on which Aborigin” rel=”nofollow”>inal nation lived on the land where
you grew up, and what happened to them.

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