Aboriginal Embassy protest of 1972

choose ONE QUESTION from the list below and
write a paper that must be a minimum of 1,500 words w
Choose ONE of the following:-
1. What wasthe Aboriginal Embassy protest of 1972, and what was its historical
2. What wasthe Black Power Movement in Australia, and what was its
inspirations and historical significance?
3. Research and write a biography of a famous Aboriginal person who is NOT a sports
star or athlete.
4. Write a review of a major film, art exhibition or theatre production that features
Aboriginal people and/orthe Aboriginal experience.
5. What is the Northern Territory ‘Intervention’ and is it a good or a bad thing?
6. Do you think Aboriginal Studies should be taught in primary and high school, and if
so what form should such a subject take?
7. What wasthe Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deathsin Custody, and what did it
8. What is meant by the saying ‘Native Title is NOT Land Rights’?
9. Research and write an essay on which Aboriginal nation lived on the land where
you grew up, and what happened to them.

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