Chest Pain

Chest Pain” rel=”nofollow”>in

Paper details:

You are carin” rel=”nofollow”>ing for a 32-year-old male client who pushes his call light statin” rel=”nofollow”>ing he is experiencin” rel=”nofollow”>ing in” rel=”nofollow”>intermittent. sharp precordial
chest pain” rel=”nofollow”>in that radiates to his neck sin” rel=”nofollow”>ince bein” rel=”nofollow”>ing admitted durin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the night. He gets relief if he sits and leans forward. but the pain” rel=”nofollow”>in
gets worse with swallowin” rel=”nofollow”>ing. He rates the pain” rel=”nofollow”>in at 5 out of 10 on a numerical scale. He has not received any medication for the pain” rel=”nofollow”>in
sin” rel=”nofollow”>ince admitted to your floor. On physical examin” rel=”nofollow”>ination. a pericardial friction rub can be heard. From your mornin” rel=”nofollow”>ing report. you are
aware that he had an upper respiratory tract in” rel=”nofollow”>infection two weeks ago.

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