You are carin” rel=”nofollow”>ing for a 59-year-old African American male who is a non-smoker and a non-drin” rel=”nofollow”>inker. The in” rel=”nofollow”>individual has a healthy weight for his height. On weekends, he coaches a youth baseball team in” rel=”nofollow”>in
his community and enjoys eatin” rel=”nofollow”>ing hot dogs and nachos with the children after games. He has been monitorin” rel=”nofollow”>ing his blood pressure at the community center and noted that the highest readin” rel=”nofollow”>ing was 168/92 mm
Hg. He is pleased with this number, as the results were “lower than previous readin” rel=”nofollow”>ings.” However, his healthcare provider is still concerned. She in” rel=”nofollow”>informed him about the dietary choices he was makin” rel=”nofollow”>ing
and remin” rel=”nofollow”>inded him to limit his sodium in” rel=”nofollow”>intake. She also renewed the in” rel=”nofollow”>individual’s prescription for a thiazide diuretic and added an ACE in” rel=”nofollow”>inhibitor to his treatment regime.
Please answer the followin” rel=”nofollow”>ing prompts in” rel=”nofollow”>in your analysis of the case:
1- Speculate how the in” rel=”nofollow”>individual’s ethnicity contributes to his hypertension. Discuss other determin” rel=”nofollow”>inants of health that contribute to the prevalence of hypertensive disease in” rel=”nofollow”>in this population.
2- Discuss the significance of an elevated systolic pressure, even in” rel=”nofollow”>in the absence of diastolic hypertension, detailin” rel=”nofollow”>ing the pathophysiology behin” rel=”nofollow”>ind elevation in” rel=”nofollow”>in blood pressure and the ultimate
development of hypertension. 3- Identify if this in” rel=”nofollow”>individual is at risk for developin” rel=”nofollow”>ing heart failure. If so, what type of heart failure would he be most at risk of developin” rel=”nofollow”>ing? 4- Briefly discuss the
mechanism of action of the two classes of drugs this in” rel=”nofollow”>individual was prescribed for the management of his hypertension.

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