Bx American Nations (extra credit)

Bx American Nations (extra credit)

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EXTRA CREDIT (up to 5 poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints if completed by the time your Bq QUIZ is due)

READ the attached file from Colin” rel=”nofollow”>in Woodard’s book American Nations (2011), and answer as many of the prompts below as you want poin” rel=”nofollow”>ints for (number them, please!).

1: What is your in” rel=”nofollow”>initial reaction to the ideas contain” rel=”nofollow”>ined?
2: Describe a cultural conflict you’ve seen between people of these different regions.
3: Which region are you from, geographically? (If outside of North America, explain” rel=”nofollow”>in what "cultural region" you are from.)
4: What cultural values did you see growin” rel=”nofollow”>ing up? (Can you tie this in” rel=”nofollow”>into your values survey!?)
5: Do they fit the description given for your region? (If not, are they part of a different region, or a regional subculture?)

This video (8min” rel=”nofollow”>in) gives a quick overview of some main” rel=”nofollow”>in ideas and ties the book in” rel=”nofollow”>into our larger topic of multiculturalism:


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