essay test

essay test

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FIRST 4 pages is the essay


an introduction, thesis, evidence and examples from the course to support your thesis, and
a brief conclusion.
1. In this course we have argued that most forms of inequality are socially constructed rather than
resulting from innate differences/inferiorities. Drawing on your lecture notes and the articles by
Israelite & Swartz and Francine Odette, first explain how disability is socially constructed. Second,
give at least three intersectional examples from the course (incl. readings, lecture, video) to
illustrate the social construction of disability. Finally, drawing on this analysis, what solutions
would you advocate for improving accessibility for people with disabilities and ending the
disabling effects of social norms and institutions?

• Neita Kay Israelite and Karen Swartz “Refomulating the Feminist Perspective: Giving Voice to Women with Disabilities” (H&R 48-56)
• Francine Odette “Body Beautiful/Body Perfect” (H&R 414-417)
• Paula C. Pinto “Women, Disability, and the Right to Health” (H&R 444-445)
Eli Clair “The Mountain” (M)
Film: Clip from Examined Life (Sunaura Taylor & Judith Butler) the link is :
You may also be interested in listing to this episode of This American Life called “Batman”It makes a pretty convincing argument that blindness is a social
construction, i.e.. having impaired eyes is transformed by society into a disability through stereotypes and through socialization in institutions such as family,
school and organizations for the blind. Its a really interesting story and well worth listening to!


5 and 6th page


Please answer two of the following concepts. For each concept, first define the concept in
your own words. Second, give an example from an assigned course reading, and use the
example to illustrate the significance of the concept in understanding gender inequality in
our society. Third wave feminism and the mountain are the two concepts

so you define each and then add example in article and then write what significance of the concept and understanding.

1. DEFINE – Third wave feminism-
i attached the article from heywood and Drake, “Introduction to Third Wave Agenda: Being Feminist, Doing Feminism” (M)

2. DEFINE The Mountain– i attached the article on for examples Eli Clair “The Mountain” (M)

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