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Demonstrate adequate writing skills with no grammar/ spelling errors: errors will count against you. You must answer one question (select any one from the options provided in essay format, you
should be able to produce a generous 3 pages of content. You must adequately develop your answer; submit this exam through the proper venue, the dropbox. Cite your sources and include a works


Discuss the influence of modern technology on creative endeavors of the twentieth century, film, music, animation, art, sculpture etc.-
If you were to write your own humanities text 200 years in the future, on which cultural aspects of our modern / post-modern era would you focus? What is your opinion of the current text? Hint…
divide this into multiple section, like your author.
Find three examples of recognizable classic works of art that have been adapted in contemporary marketing of consumer goods /services. Is this type of marketing relevant? Why or why not?
Reflect on the impact of social media in an ever-changing world. How might youtube/FB/Twitter/ etc have shaped the current world view? Discuss the entertainment industry or safety-crime- terrorism
or pursuit of knowledge (academic or otherwise), or basic comprehension /function of relationships. You may discuss the political implications, but do NOT rely on one biased source (no Fox, Time
Mag, or CNN) vary your academically robust sources, you may use BBC, NPR, Associated Press, Reuters.
***Think about the film ‘Yes Men’

Based on the events in the films what is your opinion about corporate responsibility? What do think the ‘Yes Men’ could do in light of: the Gulf Oil Disaster? Genetically Modified Food (Monsanto),
or economic opportunity (manufacturing jobs) being shipped overseas?

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