A centralized transportation network connection all EU nations.




write a research paper arguing the need of a centralized public
transportation network (system) which will run under the Eu’opean Union Government
and how this can bring the Eu’opean Union more united and the creation of thousand
of jobs and boost the EU economy- find ulterior information on
the following questions:

The estimated cost for the road project is estimated to 8 billion USD

The estimated cost to build a bridge is 0-0405 billion USD

The estimated cost to build a large airport in 2017 is 11 Million USD

I need you help to answer the following questions

1 What the impact and how is the multiplayer?

2 Simulation in the short and long run-

3 It is worth it to build this Eu’opean transportation network?

4 Labor mobility and cross migrations-

5 What type of jobs will be created and estimating how many-

6 How the tou’ism aspect will also increasing and bring more tou’ist to travel cheaply
to EU nations which will increase the spending throughout the EU nations-

included charts and or tables-


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