Financial analysis of ITV company

Financial analysis of ITV company

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The report should provide an analysis of the company’s strategic, financial and stock market performance over the last five years.

The report should be addressed to a potential investor in the company’s shares and should include your recommendation to that investor as to the desirability of investing (or not) in the short, medium or long term.


The main body of your report should be structured into the following sections:

1. Introduction

This section should provide a brief company history, an outline of the industry and of the company’s position within it.

2. Strategic Analysis

The strategic analysis should contain reference to the broad environment, industry and competitors, and, most importantly, to the company itself. It should include:

a. A PEST(LE) analysis
b. An analysis of the industry including a Porter’s Five Forces analysis
c. An analysis of the company’s strategy with comparisons to its competitors

The analysis could include for example pricing policies, product range, market position, etc. with that of its competitors.


3. Financial Statement Analysis

This section should offer an analysis of the company’s financial performance over the last five years. Crucially it should make use of your knowledge of the company’s strategic direction, its industry position and the broad environment. This section should include:

a. Analysis of financial statements, making comparisons with competitors and industry norms.
b. Identification of any new accounting policies/treatments, which may impact on future profitability.
c. Identification of problems of comparison caused by particular accounting policies/treatments.

d. the calculation of all ratios are needed and better shown those figures on table/graph compared with its competitors/ industry in detail.

4. Stock Market Analysis

This section should offer an analysis of the company’s share price performance over the last five years. You will need to use your strategic and financial knowledge of the company as a basis for your analysis.

a. Analysis of share price performance relative to the industry and the stock market as a whole.
b. An evaluation of stock market indices (price-earnings ratios, dividend yield, etc.) in comparison with competitors, sector and market averages.

5. Conclusion and Recommendations

The conclusion section should draw together your findings in order to make a recommendation to a potential investor in the company’s shares.


word processed or typed. Calculations (for example, ratios) should be contained in tables in the report and will not count towards the word limit. All sources of information should be identified in the report. A full bibliography containing all references (books, newspaper reports with dates, company reports, market research reports, etc.) must be included with the report


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