Programme and portfolio management



Read: Eric G. Too, Patrick Weaver. (2014). The management of project management: A conceptual framework for project governance. International Journal of Project Management, 32(2014) 1382-1394.1. Compare and contrast the governance of strategic change as defined in the article, with the function of program/portfolio management as defined by PMI. Provide evidence of similarities and differences. Show any specific areas within either of the program/portfolio PMI bodies of knowledge which you feel are relevant to this analysis. Show evidence for your views.
2. Explain the role of sponsors in project/program/portfolio outcomes. Show how the role of the sponsor differs between the three layers, and in what ways it remains similar or constant. Link the role of sponsorship to the governance of strategic organisational change. Support your views.3. Explain the role of the PMO for program/portfolio management. Show cause and effect which links the role of the PMO with the governance of strategic organisational change. How relevant is the role of the PMO in the modern organisation? Show evidence for your views.
4. In the pursuit of successful organisational change consider the role of governance, sponsorship, program/portfolio (PMI) methodologies, and the PMO. Discuss which two (only two) of these you believe are the most vital or which have the greatest influence over change success. Fully explain and justify your views.You are required to carefully examine and understand the concepts explained in this article and be able to present an effective discussion on the points above. You will need to analyse the ideas presented and give your personal views on their merits and weaknesses. In doing this you will show your knowledge and insight into the relationships between sponsorship, methodology, governance and the PMO in the achievement of strategic organisational change. You should fully explain and justify your views and opinions. Part C


Length: 1500 wordsTaskConsider the article used in Part A of this assignment and your analysis of the factors contributing to successful change. Describe a program/project which you have some personal knowledge of or familiarity with. It need not be one in which you were personally involved, but one which you understand adequately to discuss for this assignment.1. Use approximately one third of your words to describe and summarise this program/project, providing contextual background which supports your remaining points to follow. Include an explanation of the strategic change being sought via this program/project.2. Describe the most significant risks that your chosen program/project faced. Explain how the program/project dealt with those risks. Include in your discussion the role of communication, especially between the four layers of governance, executive, senior and program/project management. Support your views.3. Give your recommendations for improvements to one key area of either sponsorship, methodology or the PMO (choose one area only). Show how and why those recommendations might have delivered better outcomes for the strategic change. Support your views.

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