SIOP Presentation


SIOP Presentation
For this benchmark, create an in-depth, 10-20 slide PowerPoint presentation to inform other teachers in your school district of the benefits of using the SIOP model as
a teaching framework. This presentation should elaborate on the empirical research that shows the benefits of the SIOP framework when used with general education
students as well as with ELLs. Your presentation should include:

A brief historical overview of some of the major educational policies that have shaped ELL instruction.
A brief description of socioeconomic, political, and legal influences on instruction for ELLs.
The eight interrelated components of the SIOP model, their application, and a teaching example for each component. Include a benefit for each SIOP component regarding
how it contributes to an engaging curriculum and learning experience. The eight SIOP components are as follows:
Lesson Preparation
Building Background
Comprehensible Input
Practice and Application
Lesson Delivery
Review and Assessment
Make a case for the importance of engaging in ongoing learning regarding innovative ways to utilize SIOP in your teaching.
Include considerations about meeting ELL needs, such as access to academic classes, appropriate resources, and instructional technology, while working collaboratively
with other school professionals from the perspective of an advocating leader.
Include title slide, presenter’s notes, in-text citations, and a reference slide that contains 3-5 sources from the required readings or the GCU Library.


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