the Romantic Period




the general characteristics and subjects of the Romantic Period as well as the literary devices common to the period, your task is to apply these broad ideas by
evaluating the degree to which a specific poem represents the period. For this task, you may choose one Romantic poem by one of the following poets:
• William Blake• William Wordsworth• Samuel Taylor Coleridge (please do not select Rime of the Ancient Mariner as you will study this poem in a later module)• George Gordon, Lord Byron (this is the same person, George Gordon is his name and Lord Byron is his title)• Percy Bysshe Shelley• John Keats
Select a poem by one of the listed authors. Most of these authors are mentioned in the videos you watched in the notes section; if you do not remember the names,
viewing these videos again will help you select the poet who most interests you. Do a Google search to find one of the poems, and list the name of the poem below. Once
you select your poem, you will analyze how well it represents the subjects and devices common to the Romantic Movement. Keep in mind that not all Romantic poems will
display all Romantic characteristics.

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