Criminological Theories Oral Presentation




Develop the ability to apply multiple explanations for why crimes occur to different situations.  Demonstrate this skill by reading ONE of the following books and applying your understanding of different crime theories to the major crime story from the book.  Reading List for the Oral Presentation:a) Anastasia, G. (1999). The Summer Wind.  New York: Reganb) Anastasia, G. (2004). The Last Gangster.  New York: Reganc) Carcaterrra, L. (1995) Sleepers.  New York: Ballantine Booksd) Humphreys, L. (1975) Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places. (Enlarged Ed.). New York: Aldine De Gruytere) Prejean, H. (1993). Dead Man Walking.  New York: Vintagef) Harr, J. (1995). A Civil Action.  New York: Vintage Books.

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