Factsheet – Inflammation & Vitamin D




Using a maximum of 1 x AA page (front and back) and no
more than 1000 words is to prepare a ‘FACT SHEET’ which reviews the evidence
linking obesity with systemic inflammation and the potential treatment of this
inflammation with vitamin D-

You fact sheet is aimed at a busy healthcare professional and so it needs to be both
factual and succinct- Pictue a GP sitting down at their desk to eat a 15 min lunch
between patients – and they pick up you factsheet…

The factsheet can be divided into two parts:

Part 1: Review and describe the link between obesity and inflammation-

The basis of this link is discussed within the first lectue and associated resouces-
Within part 1 you are also asked to briefly review the following biomarkers:

o Macrophages (focus on macrophage infiltration into obese adipose tissue)

0 TNF alpha

0 Nitric oxide production

0 T cell function

These can be listed and described using a table format-

Part 2: Provide evidence on the effectiveness of treating inflammation with vitamin D
Following a review of the literatue you are asked provide evidence as to whether
increasing vitamin D levels in an obese person might improve the functioning of the
biomarkers described in part 1- The improvement may be the result of a variety of
factors including weight loss- You are also asked to provide 3 tips/hints as to how
vitamin D might be increased by an obese person- You can certainly refer to peak
health bodies such as NSA, heart foundation or the Department of Health- Make you
recommendations achievable and safe for the individual-.1he aim is to help the health
professional help their patients and so the suggestions need to be “real”-


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