School of Sociology and Social Policy


Do victimisation survey data provide a more accurate picture of crime and crime trends than police recorded crime?




Order Description
Crime statistics
Historical perspective: contexts, uses and pluralisation
Orientations and components
Constructing official statistics (police recorded crime (PRC))
Dark and grey figures
Reporting and recording rates
Constructing victimisation data (Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW))
Dark and grey figures
Counting violent domestic crime against women
Crime trends – the latest
The problem with fraud
Crime rates, ‘crime flux’ and a strategy for reducing residential burglary

Police recorded crime (‘criminal statistics’)
British Crime Survey (1982)
Crime Survey for England and Wales (2012)
Local victimisation surveys
Islington Crime Survey (1986)
Domestic violence and child abuse
Local victimization surveys
Feminist survey research
Crimes against businesses
Commercial victimisation/business crime surveys
International crime victim surveys
Other sources
Accident, injury and mortality statistics
Police incident logs


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