Which you will discuss the key differences between B2B and B2C marketing.



Assignment Question


As an independent consultant hired by Encocam, you are required to produce a 2,500 word report in
A. Which you will discuss the key differences between B2B and B2C marketing.
B. Based on your analysis please suggest a marketing strategy for Encocam which will be consistent with the consumer behaviour associated with each sector. Justify
your argument. (Critical analysis not descriptive)


NOTE – Do the strategy part only (second question, B), Follow the 4 P strategy, (I need it in 700 to 800 words only for Price, product, promotion, place) I don’t need
any introduction or conclusion for 4 P. Just write the strategy.
U have to write the strategy for both sector B2B and B2C according to given scenario about Encocam, not only for b2c (first writer
didn’t read the question properly and written the strategy for B2C only), u can see I marked by green colour in the question B, its saying each sector (B2B and B2C).
Tutors feedbacks for 4Ps are following in red do the work according to that. Previous order number (81904075)
Please write clearly, without making grammatical mistake and make sure Ur sentencing are clear and easy to understand . Please do the Harvard style referencing

Promotion- Re-write with the focus on Personal selling for both B2B and B2C (and potentially some PR for both). My tutor suggested the personal selling for this
Elements of the Promotion Mix
– Re-write focusing on channel members – agents, and buliding relationships with them. My tutor suggest me this pic
Marketing Channel Strategy Decisions

Price- Re-write with an argument focusing on: price element is negotiable for both B2C and B2b clients of Encocam, because both machinery and motorbikes have different
modifications/additional features
Product- Develop this argument (supported by academic evidence): whether it’s machinery for B2B or motorbikes on B2C the focus is on quality and innovativeness for
both market.



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