Critique of a strategic plan

Critique of a strategic plan Critique of a strategic plan Im studying master of leadership and management You should use some of core reading (References) see below the end of this draft.
Length: 2200words

Task:You have been asked to help the leaders of an organisation prepare for their next strategic planning cycle. You are required to provide advice in the following ways:
1. Identify strategic management academic peer reviewed readings that have the potential to inform the future planning needs of the organisation. Select one
academic, peer-reviewed article that will provide professional learning for the organisation’s board. Write a blog post that summarises the big ideas from this
article( Numbers Are Not Enough. Why e-Learning Analytics Failed to Inform an Institutional Strategic Plan – Macfadyen, Leah PDawson, Shane 2012), compares it to other
associated readings( see below core reading) and indicates its relevance to the organisation (400 words).

2. Use these insights from the literature to critique a strategic planning document of an organisation (or part of an organisation) and discuss the strengths and
weaknesses, opportunities and threats (suggested 900 words).
3. Drawing on your research and analysis from part 1 & 2, provide strategic insights that will help the organisation prepare for the future. These insights should
include carefully rationalised recommendations for improvement, with appropriate examples (suggested 900 words).

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