Inclusion in-service notes and presentation




Write a list of concerns a teacher might have about inclusion and a list of benefits for
the inclusion of students with disabilities in the classroom-

Next, compare and contrast the two lists, noting any similarities, differences, and
themes- Some points to consider are:

1- What might be the reasons for the similarities and differences?

2- Are there any themes?

3. How might teachers alleviate their concerns about inclusion of students with
disabilities in the classroom?

4- What are the benefits of inclusion?

5- What types of training programs could be created for regular education teachers in
order to meet the learning needs of students with disabilities?

Finally, write a page presentation designed to be given at a teacher in-service, that
could help alleviate teachers’ concerns about including students with disabilities in
their classrooms- Emphasize the benefits of having these students in the classroom-
Support you position with research-

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