Teaching note ( class guide) for strategic and marketing case study

Teaching note ( class guide) for strategic and marketing case study

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Develop teaching plan for a specific case study that includes:
o Minimum one for a short mini-case to 3-4 for a longer case
o Should be as specific as possible
o Explain why they are important and relevant for the course you are teaching

o Suggested class time, broken down by topics
o Suggested student assignment
o Brief description of the opening 10-15 minutes
o Challenging case discussion questions with sample answers
? Asking the right question is an art – consider a combination of closed and open-ended questions
? Controversial questions create more discussion
? Provide examples of REAL sample answers – both outstanding ones and marginal ones (or even incorrect ones)
? A case may not have a single correct answer – try to highlight the diversity of opinions and approaches
? Brief description of the closing 10-15 minutes. This time should be clearly linked to reinforcing the learning objectives
? If applicable, an update of “what actually happened”

• Supporting material – worksheets, videos, readings, reference material, etc

Typical mistakes (and reasons some journals ask you to revise and resubmit)

1. Case study is written as a research article rather than a case. There is no real case protagonist (having a real person as a decision-maker is not an absolute
requirement but often highly recommended)
2. The Teaching Note is too superficial – teaching the case requires additional information, which in reality means it can only be taught by the case writer.
? A typical mistake is to ask students to make specific recommendations about future actions without providing sample answers (this makes it very difficult for faculty
to adopt the case unless they have special insights into the company)
? Another typical mistake is to suggest a 90 minute teaching plan supported by a one page Teaching Not

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