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Topic 1:

Governing Health Care Organisations

How is the performance of governance judged in health care organisations?

Governance in health care has become the foundation for good practice, successful organizations, and ethical behaviour. Governance occurs at many levels with numerous professional organisations
monitoring and changing practice and behaviours for health care professionals. Hospitals and health care services are subject to inspections, government regulatory oversight, and outcome analysis.

Each group has been assigned to a different type of a health sector governing body (e.g. a community health board, a disease association board, a health professional board, or a hospital board).
Most of you have experience of working in several organisations even though they may differ from the one you are asked to comment on.

How is the performance of your type of governing body reviewed? By whom? How often? What indicators should be used for your organisation type? (e.g. how well the functions of the organisation are
performed? the success of the organisation? the accountability to identified stakeholders, financial performance, strategic planning, ethics/social responsibility, and community relations.
References and Other Resources

Deber R,Topp, A & Zakas D (2004) Private Delivery and Public Goals: Mechanisms for Ensuring that Hospitals Meet Public Objectives Background Paper prepared for the World Bank.

Topic 2:
What Do You Think?

In the Discussion Group, describe the type of organisational structure that exists in your department or program OR organisation in your workplace (or within an organisation with which you are
familiar). What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of this type of structure in meeting the goals of your department/program/organisation? What type of structure do you think is best
suited to your assigned organisation (e.g. community health service, hospital board) for this unit and why?




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