IT & technology and psychology


Research Question

Would evoking emotion in mirror newon leaning would improve leaning of hand

(Emotion, mirror newon theory ae the main keywords in the literatu’e review and how
they ae significantly contribute to an effective leaning)

Background Reseach outline:

Fundamental of the Nervous System and The leaning 4 fundamental pillas

Leaning theories

Arguing and discussion of different leaning theories and leaning movement theories
(how individual lean and lean movements and gestu’es)- Then discuss in details the
Mirror Neuon theories and why we think is most effective than other theories

Leaning by modalities (vision, heaing, touch -.etc)

Visual feedback

Leaning by observation

0 The Mirror Neuon Theory

How emotion contribute in leaning and how it contributes in effective leaning

Emotion and Leaning

Audio feedback

0 Emotion evoked by audio feedback-

Haptic feedback

0 Emotion evoked by touch haptic feedback


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