Mental Ilness and the correlation of Homeless population



Integrate the results of your literature review to complete an
analysis ofthe problem and the groups or populations affected by the problem. Evaluate high-quality, peer-reviewed, and
relevant public service research to critically examine the groups or populations. It is important to consider multicultural
perspectives in your examination and in the selection of sources you use to support your analysis.

In your assignment, be sure to address the following critical elements that align with the grading criteria:

Explain solutions to the problem and the impact of each solution on the public service organization and organizational policies
and practices.

Identify and discuss the impacts of diversity, ethics, and cultural competency on the decision-making process related to your
selected problem.

Evaluate the aspects of effective communication styles as applied to individual and group collaboration.

Evaluate the concepts of collaborative and communication techniques that have affected the development of relationships,
partnerships, and alliances.




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