Policy analysis essay


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Research a policy issue, such as the social policy and refugees

Write a critical analysis drawing on the principles, philosophies and concepts covered in the readings and workshops, as well as additional material.

You will write a critical essay of 2000-2500 words focusing on the relationship and intersections between political economy, policy and politics in relation to the policy issue chosen.

You will identify the issue and interrogate it by focusing on the following questions as a guide to your analysis (you do not need to answer all the questions, these are just a guide to get you focused and started):

• What critical theory helps explain the policy issue?
• What are the continuities and discontinuities, in other words what has changed over time in relation to the policy issue?
• Why were their changes, was it because of political pressure, lobbying by special interest groups, demographic changes in society?
• What principles are relevant to the policy? (social justice, equity, access, equality)
• Who gains and who loses from the policy?
What political ideology or philosophy informs how the policy issue is being discussed in politics and the media

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