Politics, Civility and Social Change




Read the articles below and write an discussion paragraph for each follow the
question for each of them- The paragraphs “should be thoughtful and carefully written”
1- Politics, Civility and Social Change:

hfipzllwww-everydaysociologyblog com/201 6/09/politics-civility-and-social-

Q: Do you think that technological advances (particularly social media) have made it
easier or more socially acceptable to have discussions on “touchy” subjects like
politics? Do you engage in or read online political discussions? Do you think they’re
effective or a waste of time? Explain

2-The Sharing Economy Paradoxhttpzllwww-everydaysociologyblogcom/2015/12/the-

Q:What is the “sharing economy” paradox? In what ways do you participate in the
sharing economy? What are the pros and cons of this alternative economic system?
3-Social Theory and Siblings

http://nortonbooks-typepad-com/everydaysociology/201 1/01/social-theory-and-

QzDo you and you siblings differ in significant ways? If you do not have any siblings,
can you think of siblings that you know who are different in significant ways? Which of
these three theories best explains the differences? (Please provide examples to
support you argument)-

4.” I Could Tu’n Back Time: Regressive Social Movements

Q: What’s the difference between progressive and regressive social movements?
What’s an example of a contemporary regressive movement? What triggered the
movement? Has it been/will it be successful? Why or why not?

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