whistleblowing and regulatory failure to investigate a potential white collar crime


1.whistleblowing and regulatory failure to investigate a potential white collar crime. Please view the CSPAN video below of the testimony of Harry Markopolos. Mr. Markopolos claims that he “gift
wrapped” and delivered the Ponzi Scheme of Bernard Madoff to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and they did nothing with his findings.



Discuss your thoughts on Mr. Markopolos’ testimony and his assertion that the SEC failed in its duty to investigate Mr. Madoff. Is that your opinion as well? What should they have done and was
their failure to investigate just negligence or something worse? I look forward to a spirited debate.
Use the below Videos:

It is hard enough to investigate and prosecute those who commit white collar crimes within one legal jurisdiction. When you consider the fact that globalization has created an atmosphere of
international white collar crime like never before, investigation and prosecution is fraught with so much difficulty that it is almost impossible to bring anyone to justice.



view the following video and reports on international fraud involving Russell King. Please discuss all the issues and problems that occur with investigating crimes of this nature. What can be
done about this? Is there a way to get around the politics involved? Is it even proper to attempt to control and punish this kind of activity or should we allow our governments and big
corporations to act illegally for the better good? Additional documents have been provided to help you gain an understanding of International White Collar Crime.
Use the below Videos and links to documents:


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