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Apply the knowledge and skills developed by the students in evaluating the role of systems thinking in global and local sustainability challenges. The topic for your paper is:

‘Systems thinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges.’

To what extent do you agree with this statement, and why? Draw on one of the following wicked problems to illustrate your answer:

Domestic violence
Fracking (Coal-Seam Gas extraction) in Australia

1. Finding, reading and selecting your sources

At a minimum, this essay will reference sources identified by the student, in addition to the subject readings (10-15 references in total). Your references should primarily include academic
journals and books. The University library has developed a useful resource on how to evaluate your sources, and can be found in the subject LMS page.


2. Writing the Introduction



Present relevant background to the topic and its significance
Introduce your ‘wicked problem’
Define terms or concepts when necessaryExplain the aim/purpose of the essay
Reveal your plan of organization for the essay


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