Ethics,Sustainability and Culture Imagine that you are writing an opinion piece for ‘The Conversation’ : in response to the Blood, Sweat & Tears programme. Please draw on specific approaches to
corporate social responsibility when writing this piece.  You should explain to a lay audience the significance of what is seen in the Blood, Sweat and Tears programme in terms of corporate social responsibility and business ethics, and how business
professionals impact on society in positive and negative ways.  Use the following structure to organise your opinion piece:• First explain the narrow view of corporate social responsibility. Why is there a strong argument for stating that the clothing retailers are taking a narrow view? • Introduce the program to your audience by identifying the key ethical issues raised.  • Explain what is happening in the programme through the lens of corporate social responsibility. To do this:o Explain Adam Smith’s Invisible hand, as one of the key arguments for a narrow view. o Explain why you think the invisible hand isn’t working to provide adequate wages for the Indian garment workers.• Provide your own reflections on whether or not the exploitation of these workers can be morally justified, using Kant’s ethics  • Conclude your opinion piece by commenting on the impact of business professionals in society, and their power to effect positive change.

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