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Policies and procedures

Develop a range of policies and accompanying procedures for recruitment, selection and induction in a new organisation.

Describe the organisation and its core business then explain how and why you would analyse strategic and operational plans and policies before developing recruitment, selection and induction policies and procedures.

Make a list of the legislation and the regulations that are relevant to the policies and procedures.

Develop and list the supporting documentation or forms you will need to create, explaining the function of each. These support documents and forms should be industry relevant.

• who you will consult with and why
• how you will gain support from senior management
• what technical applications will be of benefit to the development process

Will you base the policies and procedures around the utilisation of internal staff in the recruitment, selection and induction procedures or will you use external recruitment agencies? Explain.

When and how will you trial forms and documents that support policies and procedures in order to identify any need for adjustments?

Once you have finalised the policies and procedures they will require ratification by senior management and you will need to present them to employees in the organisation. How will you do this?

What action will you take if employees need extra training in order to comply with the policies and procedures for recruitment, selection and/or induction?

complete the policies and procedures you have developed and the answers to all of the questions. (2,000–2,500 words)

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