The effect of Gibrat Law



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choose a firm that you can access to its full data set to analyze, replicate, and enter the data and results that you think. Compare Gibrat Law with the result.

2- You should access to the data of the company or any other international company you could access to its data for the recent 3 to 5 years at least. Then you have to start with analysis you have its data. (Must have enough data to test).

3- You should be aware of R programming or STATA, Econometric , Industrial Dynamic and Gibrate Law to start with this work ,because you must run a regression , open and solve equation, apply your test and show an empirical investigation of the paper to be accepted in the journal otherwise they will reject the work if there are a missing data or not include models…etc

4- When you access to PEPSI database you maybe will find the data for the last 3 years, which is enough to test it. There are missing variable in the data you should know, such as -9….

5- Use variable you need, independent variables..

6- You can choose any test such as the Growth rate (my professor like it) or size …etc , by using Gibrate Law. Plot size, Log normal, what is variables?

7- You have to run a regression of the sector.

8- You can use different measures.

9- You can separate regression from 2 different countries such as ITALY and SAUDI ARABIA or any country you want from different continent.

10- Why violated?




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