doc tool disco wk 11 caroline davis

doc tool disco wk 11 caroline davis

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review your colleagues’ posts. Respond to classmates with a substantive, positive comment that is supported from literature or the class readings. Provide at least 2
substantive paragraphs for each response.

colleagues post:

Professional Dispositions

Plan for Maintaining a Relationship with My Chair and Committee

Being a doctoral student is a big responsibility. This responsibility comes not only to yourself but to those who are working with you. Along the way, professors and
advisors guide you and help you through your course work, and while this is daunting, the real work begins when you start work on your dissertation. According to
Single (2010) the most important decision a doctoral candidate can make is their choice of a committee chair. When you choose your committee chair, you want to look
for someone who shares the same interest in field of study and methodology (Single, 2010). This perfect dissertation chair may not always be available, so it is
important to learn that there may be points in the dissertation process when you will disagree with your chair and committee. If this happens, having a plan for
remaining positive and staying focused on the task is important (Walden University, 2016). Creating and maintaining a positive relationship with your chair and your
committee is vital to your doctoral success. As the student, it is your responsibility to be professional, ethical and respectful throughout the process (Walden
University, 2016). Conducting yourself in this manner will show your committee and chair that you are dedicated to this process and willing to listen to and accept
feedback (Walden University, 2016).

What to do When Your Efforts Are Not Working

If it seems your efforts do not seem to be creating a relationship that is working, it is important to still take into consideration a professional mannerism.
Continuing to be responsible, professional, ethical and respectful throughout the process (Walden University, 2016) until the issues are resolved or mitigated will
show the chair and your committee that you have integrity and are willing to work through any situation.


Single, P. B. (2010) Demystifying dissertation writing: A streamlined process from choice of

topic to final text. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.

Walden University Student Publications. (2016). Walden catalog. Retrieved from


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