Foundations in Programming



Section AQuestion Make a programme in Visual Basic (VB.Net) that asks for the user’s birthday. The programme should return the day of the week, when the person was born (date of birth), age and astrological (zodiac) star sign. Add the Zodiac Sign images to the picturebox and a textbox to present their respective characteristics (for example, planet, time of birth, zodiac sign). The images and text should change according to the date of birth.

Deliverables: Your programme should demonstrate the followings:• Pseudocode (10 Marks)• Flow chart (10 Marks)• Code of the application including:o Algorithm (5 Marks)o Layout and Structure (10 Marks)o Screen Shots of Design (5 Marks)o Correctness and Completeness (5 Marks)• Programme Description (word count: 250 Words) (25 Marks)


Section BVisual basic (VB) programme uses procedures and sub procedures to develop a logic for a programme. Explain the differences between procedure and sub procedures. Include examples of any three built-in functions used in Visual basic programming language to illustrate your answer


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