Knowing your geriatric or elderly patient

Knowing your geriatric or elderly patient

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Assignmеnt 1. Knowing уour geriаtriс or elderly раtient

Word count : 500 words
Refrences :APA 10 current peer review journals and journal articles not older then 5 years
1. Introduction to Healthy Ageing
2. Normal Changes of Ageing
3. Assessment Of The Older Adult

4. The Profile Of Older People In Australia And NZ
Policies Influencing Ageing And Aged Care In Australia And NZ The Older Person In Acute Care
5. Impact Of Physiological Changes In Older People
The Experience Of Ageing For Indigenous Australians And Maori Peoples
6. Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions Intimate Relationships
7. The Personal Perspectives Of Ageing In Australia
Volunteer Relationships And Older People In The Workforce
8. Leisure And Recreation In The Lives Of Older People Pharmacology



Looking at this assignment, make sure you look at not only the task, but also at the rationale. Looking at the rationale, you can see that a lot of this assignment is about stereotypes of ageing that you might have and how this could influence what you do. So in regards to your task, keep stereotypes in mind, how could these stereotypes influence your understanding of the person’s baseline functioning, etc.
Initially, work out what baseline functioning means. How does the older adult function at home? Is the person able to fend for themselves, do they eat regularly, do they set the house on fire regularly, do they let the bath overflow regularly, etc. How can you find this out and what would happen if the person is completely capable of looking after themselves, but you decide they can’t, based on some stereotypes.
finding some keywords.
geriatric or elderly
Then you could play with the term ‘baseline functioning’:
“baseline functioning”
Functional ability
And then you obviously have the term stereotype. Again I’d used *:
Text “Healthy Ageing and Aged care
Bernoth, M. (2017). The Impact of Physiological Changes on Older People: Implications for Nursing Practice. In M. Bernoth & D. Winkler (Eds.), Healthy Ageing and Aged Care (pp. 243-263). South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford Press.


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