R. v. Trela






Conduct a case law research assignment based on a Provincial Offence- The case you will
be analyzing is R- v- Trela (http://www-canlii-org/en/on/oncj/doc/2009/2009oncj167
l2009oncj1 67. html?searchUrl Hash:AAAAAOASbGlxdW9ylprY2VuY2UgYWNOAAAAAAE&
resultlndex:29) as per the Liquor Licence Act-

-You must Identify the case (date, names of involved persons, location in Ontario where
this occwed etc-)

-identify the facts in issue in the case you have chosen (who, what, where, when, rnens
rea, actus reas)

-identify the liquor licence act law as it pertains to the case itself

-the circumstances about the arrest

-all information about any search

-all information of any evidence seized

-state what offences were committed-

include components of the Liquor Licence Act and how it applies to this case

-Discuss the case and summarize

-state the reasons for the judges decisions (evidence, previous case decisions, etc-)
-give you opinion on the case ruling (judges decision)-

-finish off with a conclusion about the case and the liquor licence act

“You are going to write a review of all the facts in issue and the law as it pertains to the
specific Provincial Offences Act cout case that has been concluded- In you written
review you will explain the case in full and the decision of the judge- Make sue you
include all information pertaining to any of the following that may have occured in the
case that you have chosen: the arrest, the search, any seizu’e and all charges laid
offences that have occured- Discuss the case and state the reasons for Goat’s


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