a pt who is TI bilateral upper extremity amputation secondary to accident right bka history osteomyelitis and toe amputation
hypertension, prostate cancer schizophrenia, anemia,muscle weakness compartment syndrome infectious origin acute organ
dysfunction complete traumatic years old has triple and had hypertension and diabetes meilltus muscle wasting atrophy
dysphagia and compartment syndrome infectious origin acute organ dysfunction complete traumatic amputation at level
between knee and ankle he uses briefs done not do any ADL he is total dependent ofthe merice ofthe nurse and the nurse
assistant since he does not have dencher he who ever has to know how to feed him I adapted to make user he eat well by
using my criticalthinking make the food eat able by mashing all the food and use coffee and juice to make it easy for him to eat
well so he was able to enjoy his food and he will thank fullwhen we finished the breakfast and able to change him change
him from his all night briefs to fresh and new briefs and get him up with the help of other 3 people that way he can get out of
the room and get fish air and mingle with other resident his phantom pain was around 7 when we were changing him and he
tolerated to be change and get ready for the morning activity with smile that is what is make me going

this is what amazing me every time iwalk to clinical that they are so much appreciative and life with the moment and thank full
and work with what they have and make it happen.



(Describe what you did, saw, and feel during your time with your patient)

What interested me:

(Describe what you found to be new or interesting)

Personal adaptation:

(What problem did you have and how did you fix it?)

What could have been done differently?

(Was there anything you would of done different ifyou could?)

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