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Integration and synthesis – you will need to integrate material from a variety of sources and across a number of lectures
Communication – you will need to clearly convey complex information to an audience who are not psychologists
Evaluation – you will need to evaluate the literature and select what you feel are the most important and relevant aspects of the literature to present, clearly indicating why. Prioritising content is important, so selecting what to leave out is just as important as what to put in.
Structure – you will need to provide a logical and coherent structure for your poster, so that it makes sense to the lay reader.
Literature searching – you will need to go beyond the literature provided in order to answer the question well.
Present recent research, and certainly from within the last 10 years (and preferably the last 5)
You may need to briefly outline aspect(s) of development in typical contexts/typical development, before discussing it/them in deprived contexts/atypical development. For example, if presenting recent research to social workers about effects of neglect on face processing, you may need to briefly outline relevant aspects of face processing in non-deprived environments
Clearly state the findings, and how this might be applied in the social work/teaching profession
Two/three poster templates are provided on Moodle
Remember that a poster is not an essay in a different format.
Add one or two images to break up text
You can choose your own structure, but a suggested structure might be:
Recent research on Topic of interest
Relevance for audience/application in context



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