Automaticity and Mental Addition:

Automaticity and Mental Addition: The Moderating Role of Working Memory

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For this proposal, I am looking for a completed Chapter 1 (Introduction) and Chapter 2 (Literature Review). I will be uploading a sample of these two chapters as
written by a previous student of my mentor, a document with some of the writing that I have already done and sources that I have already compiled, a document with
information about the study itself, and a document with additional resources. Please use the sample chapters from the previous student as a guideline for organization
and general length for each chapter.

a large number of high quality journal articles as resources and the paper should be in APA format. While the proposal draft that I have been working on has some
sub-headings for the literature review, please add more as you find relevant information in the literature. You may also use and build on the list of references that I
have already cultivated. Please limit to no more than 1-2 internet resources, with a focus on books and high quality research journals as primary sources.


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