except Westward Expansion

Please choose any topic (except Westward Expansion) you like that we covered in the course for your short paper.
A Short Paper Assignment allows you to demonstrate your research skills to your instructor and to receive feedback that will benefit you as you continue your studies.
With this assignment, you will learn how to do proper and adequate research and write a short paper.

This short paper is at least three double-spaced pages of text (Times New Roman, font size 12) and you must consult a minimum of two academically credible sources. The
short paper must include a cover page with your name, course number and course title, instructor’s name, and date. You must also include a bibliography at the end of
your paper.
Chicago Style

Topics we covered in the class are as follows:
The Growing Pains of Urbanization, 1870-1900, Politics in the Gilded Age, 1870-1900, Leading the Way: The Progressive Movement, 1890-1920
An Emerging World Power (1877— 1914) and War and the American State (1914—1920)
The Jazz Age: Redefining the Nation, 1919-1929, Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? The Great Depression, 1929-1932, Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1941
Post-War Prosperity and Cold War Fears, 1945-1960
Contesting Futures: America in the 1960s, Political Storms at Home and Abroad, 1968-1980, From Cold War to Culture Wars, 1980-2000

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