Research/Health and Human Services





“MY field is Health and Human Services“

In this course, we discussed how to identify and use academic research to guide programming and decision making or to
develop further research in your field. For this assignment, apply the literature search techniques you learned to identify at
least eight high quality research articles on the topic ofyour choice to illustrate how this might be done. Complete the following
for each article:

Thoroughly discuss the quality ofthe source and credibility ofthe author(s) and provide information to justify your assessment
(utilize the PREPARE criteria-peer-reviewed, recent, evidence, purpose, authority, relevance, ethics-and the information from
the evaluations you did in Units 5, 6, and 7).

Determine the methodology used (provide rationale) and the purpose of the study.

Evaluate potential sampling or data collection issues and how the authors ensured ethical recruitment and data collection.
Evaluate the overall quality of each article. If an article has any shortcomings, analyze how these factors may influence the
interpretation of the authors’ findings.



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