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Problem statement

The last few decades have witnessed dramatic developments in technology to the degree that has changed many aspects of human lives in many areas, such as communication. The field of education is one sector that has been influenced by these developments. The need to benefit from these developments in education has increased as it can improve teaching methods and allow for many innovative methods that can change and improve the concept of traditional teaching. However, the biggest challenge in this respect seems to be determining how to integrate new technology in teaching and learning effectively.
Subsequently, both teaching and learning processes have changed. While the classroom used to have a board as the main teaching tool, as well as projectors, recently many technological tools, have become a part of the classroom such as data shows, televisions and interactive white board room. Media such as movies and images can be used for teaching.

Study aims and objectives

The outcome of the discussion presented in the previous section of the chapter inspired the current study. Therefore, this study has set several aims and objectives it intends to achieve:
1- To shed the light on teachers’ views on using technology tools as educational tools in high school.

2- To identify the advantages and disadvantages of using technology tools as educational tools in high school.

3- To see how these tools could possibly improve high school education.

High school Education and Drop out:
¬ High school Education in Saudi Arabia:


Significance of the Study
Technological advancement has become a global phenomenon that has affected the world we live in today, and various technological tools have been implemented to play an important educational role. Worldwide, the importance of these technological tools is considered to add an influential element that can raise students’ interest in high school. Furthermore, a notable amount of research investigated the possible benefits of using these tools to fulfill the needs of today’s learners and to establish how they could encourage students to attain higher learning and thinking skills.

high school education is a significant subject in Saudi, and therefore the Ministry of Education has tried to promote better learning outcomes.


Background of the Study

In 2011 the researcher of this study had worked as a lecturer at the University of Hafr Albatin for four years, however, she did not use technology tools in her teachings, because they were not that popular at that time and also due to the researchers’ lack of knowledge in such tools. Joining the TCT program at the University of Exeter has provided a deeper insight into the benefits these technologies as educational tools, and broadened my knowledge on related theoretical theories and ideas. From reading extensively and from discussing different matters with teachers and colleagues, using technology tools in high school may reduce the rate of drop out students from it, it has become the focus of my dissertations, whereby I tend to explore teachers’ perspectives on this topic.



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