Diversity of the labour market in New Zealand.




Oonceptualise the labor: market as mediated by race,gender,ethnicity,age and
disability- Give national statistics of New Zealand labor: market- Give how many
women and men are in the workforce and are they any discrepancies between
compensation between men and women even though they work at the same job

Why is equality and divesity important in the workforce?

Are there any exclusions based on race, gender or religion in particular sectors of the
labor: market? identify and discuss the national evidence that supports the diversity
and inclusion as well as inequality and discrimination-

Why should national and organisational policy makers be concerned about the
segregation of the labor: market? For instance, research has shown workforce
diversity results in greater creativity and innovation- Give other factors as well like
globalisation and how women are now slowly entering the worforce as opposed to
many years ago where women were domestic care providers-


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