the 7 Eleven Case in Australia


: Report on the 7 Eleven Case in Australia

Central to the inquiry were allegations of illegal conduct relating to the treatment of visa holders employed by franchisees. Information about the report and the
background to the inquiry can be found at this link:
presser Following the release of the report, there has been public debate surrounding the employment of visa holders in Australia, notably student visa holders and
s457 visa holders (skilled workers). address the following questions. Part A 1. Provide a summary of the 7 Eleven inquiry. Why was it done and what were the major
findings? 2. Critically analyse any gaps in the Australian ER system that this inquiry raises in regard to the role of the state and the role of unions. (You will need
to do some background reading on these two aspects in order to provide an evidence-based argument.) 3. Discuss the implications of the inquiry for the regulation of ER
in Australia – not just 7 Eleven. (You will need to blend professional, newspaper and academic sources.) Part B 1. To what extent would non-union forms of employee
representation and voice alleviate the issues raised in the case? Support your answer with evidence relating to non-union representation. 2. What changes to bargaining
structures in the retail industry do you believe are appropriate to avoid the issues that arose in the 7 Eleven case. Support your answer with reference to relevant
evidence regarding the effectiveness of bargaining structures in Australia. You may introduce overseas examples if relevant. Format: Table of Contents Introduction-
Overview of the Case (two pages) Executive Summary (one Page) Part A Part B Conclusion Reference List

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