Cancer Issues


Discuss how Cancer and Genetics are related. Some types of cancers run in families. Discuss the latest research and what can
be done to reduce the incidence of inherited cancers.Discuss the risk factors associated with cancer. Which factors can be
controlled and which are out of our control. What can be done about the risk factors that we have no control over? There are
billions of dollars spent on cancer research annually. Discuss some of the latest research into cancer. What does the future
hold for a possible cure for cancer? Is it even possible to cure cancer all together? Whats the relationship between obesity and
types of diets that influence cancer formation? Are we eating ourselves to death? Why does the type of diet you consume
increase your risk for cancer? There is a lot of disagreement with how often a woman should have a mammogram or at what
age a man should have a colonoscopy. Early detection is best no matter the sex or gender. Why do the guidelines change so
often? Discuss guidelines for cancer screening and any new recommendations. Summarize your findings and discuss how
these topics helps you better understand this important topic. Inflammation plays a role with both infection and tissue healing;
it is the beginning stage in wound healing and it is a response to an invader such as a pathogen. Pathogens include all agents of
infectious disease.

Discuss the following questions:

1. Does inflammation have only good effects?

2. Do pathogens always have bad effects?


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